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5 hacks for Scaffolders

With the British summer now rearing its head, many trade workers are starting to reap the benefits of working in the outdoors. This is certainly the case for Scaffolders; a group of workers that pray for sunshine. Having supplied such professionals with equipment and tools for many years, below we share our top tips to make a Scaffolder’s working day just that little bit more enjoyable, safer and productive.

Radio at the ready!

Back in the day, when on site, the whole team would share a paint-covered radio plugged into the mains. However, due to advancements in technology, digital, portable radios are everywhere. With every construction worker having their own mobile device, listening to your favourite tunes is proven to make the day a productive one.

Always use protection

Now, this isn’t a lecture on the birds and the bees, but it is about protection!

Maximising your safety and protecting your wellbeing should be a priority of everyone on the team. You can do so by taking a few measures, investing in things such as head protection, fall prevention gear, and non-slip footwear.

Know your guardrails

Guardrails are legally required to be attached to Scaffolding on buildings over 10 feet. If you are in charge of designing or implementing the design of a scaffolding structure, we recommend including guardrails anywhere possible, creating a safe zone ready for the scaffolder to enter and do their magic!

Secure your platform

Remember, scaffolding is designed to be braced by or attached to a building. However, if the scaffolding isn’t securely braced, the whole system can become dislodged, unstable and unsafe. To ensure security, make sure you are using the correct brace retention or locking systems across the site.

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Understand your limits

Where all sites will have the Hulk-type putting us all to shame with their superhuman strength, it is essential that as an individual you know your limits. With scaffolding requiring the lifting of heavy materials on a constant basis, it is by no means a task for the faint-hearted. So, to make sure your work is kept to a high standard and to swerve injury, know your limits.

So, to secure a good, happy and healthy day on site, use the best equipment, techniques and always put your safety first.

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